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Ștefan Niță

I am a veteran in real estate. I have represented thousands of clients from all over Romania in transactions that would change their lives forever. Over the years, I have taken my business to a new level through the many satisfied clients I have worked with. Still, my day-to-day work relates only to those I sign exclusive contracts with.

Years of experience in the industry have helped me develop a profoundly analytical approach and enough energy to work tirelessly to make sure my clients know all the details about their property or investment. I am active, and this is reflected in how I organize my work!


What customers are saying

A real team of professionals who know how to be with the customer. .I am very satisfied with their services and the way they treat their clients with great kindness, understanding and seriousness. Thank you!
Olga Apostol
Home owner
The experience of working together with the Stefan Nita Group team exceeded my usual expectations of collaboration. Their presence one step ahead of everything that was to be collected, transmitted and reported to the authorities and the bank helped me to receive the approval of the financing file in half the normal waiting time. The permanent, attentive communication, combined with an impeccable professional discipline, created the conditions for a future collaboration and the trust that such a real estate agency represents a long-term partner.
Mircea Vlah
Home buyer
Quality, Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value Do you need an expert real estate agent in the true sense of the word? Call Mr. Ștefan Niță now! Make the perfect team, together with your wife! I guarantee the sale within a maximum of 7 days from the publication of the ad! This is what happened to my apartment which was sold 6 days after being advertised. Mr. Ștefan Niță is full of surprises. Pleasant surprises! It adapts to customer requirements, finding solutions in unpredictable situations. Communication is excellent!
Constantin Busuioceanu
Apartment owner



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