Discover Bucharest city in all its splendour

Bucharest City

Romania’s majestic capital, Bucharest city, has plenty of beautiful areas worth exploring, with many interesting stories behind them to discover step by step. Although most people prefer to go on holiday to other foreign destinations, it’s worth paying due attention to our capital and the unique sights it has to offer.

Let the most beautiful parts of Bucharest city take your breath away

In terms of the sights that have made Bucharest a true tourist destination, Sector 1 is emblematic in this respect. It is home to the most important cultural and tourist heritage elements: numerous monuments, museums, parks and public gardens.

A prime tourist attraction is the Arc de Triomphe, an imposing 27-metre monument designed by the famous architect Petre Antonescu. This monument has a rich historical significance, symbolising our country’s participation in the First World War and the proclamation of the Union. There is a museum inside the monument for tourists, which can only be visited on special occasions. There is also a terrace where visitors can admire four exhibitions: the Arc de Triomphe in Pictures, the Heraldry of the Great Bohemian Families, the Great Union of 1918 and the Great War of the Reunification of our Nation.

Bucharest City

Equally important is the Romanian Athenaeum, the famous concert hall with 600 seats on the ground floor and 52 boxes, the country’s largest hall of its kind. The main highlight of this building is the fresco by the painter Costin Petrescu, which captures 25 emblematic scenes illustrating the rich history of the country: the Entrance of Emperor Trajan in Dacia, the Colonization of Dacia, the Formation of the Dacian-Roman people, the Invasion of the Barbarians, the Declaration, the Romanian Crusade and many others that you can get to know and admire with a visit to the Athenaeum.

For lovers of nature and outdoor walks, Cișmigiu Park is another point of interest that conquers by its beauty and is considered the garden of the soul of the capital’s inhabitants. As the oldest public garden in the capital, Cișmigiu Park stands out thanks to its English-style landscaping and the fact that it also houses the La Cetate building, which houses the ruins of an old monastery. These sights are just a few examples of interest for those who want to explore the Romanian capital. The city of Bucharest is full of unique places that are waiting to be known and admired.

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