Cotroceni National Museum – one of the most famous cultural and tourist landmarks in the country

Cotroceni National Museum

This museum is an important tourist attraction that the capital boasts worldwide. For those who don’t know much about this location, the Cotroceni National Museum was established in 1991 and is housed in a building representative of our country, namely the Cotroceni Royal Palace.

Rooms of the Cotroceni National Museum open for visits

Those who choose to discover the secrets and beauty of this place should know that they are privileged. And this is because the museum offers the opportunity to step into some of the most unique rooms, with different uses, for a real journey back in time. So, among the areas open to tourists, we mention the trapeze (dining room), the former Cotroceni Monastery’s china (kitchen), and a few cellars, but not only. What is unique is that visitors can closely admire two of the spaces that once belonged to the former palace of Șerban Cantacuzino. They will certainly attract the eye thanks to the architecture in which they were built, being representative of the 17th century.

Cotroceni National Museum

Art, history and memorial museum

The Cotroceni National Museum always delights its visitors with a noble fairytale atmosphere. It houses numerous symbolic heritage pieces of art from various fields. These include history, fine and decorative art, archaeology, old books, important official documents, etc. This is the main reason why the Cotroceni National Museum, beyond the label of cultural and tourist landmark it already has, is considered a complex museum – of art, history and memorial.

The museum, where cultural activities regularly take place

Beyond the collection of art objects that make this location stand out, the museum also spoils its public with various exhibitions, cultural programmes, concerts and conferences. All these will make for a truly authentic experience and a collection of the most beautiful memories in a fairytale place.

Tour the museum with your guide

Those planning a visit to the Cotroceni National Museum should know they must make an appointment in advance. Moreover, they won’t be touring the site alone but accompanied by a specialist guide. The guide will detail the stories of the personalities who have left their mark on this museum over the years and take tourists through the most fascinating noble, historically and architecturally charged rooms. And because this is an internationally renowned tourist attraction, foreign tourists also visit. This is fine, as the guide can be given in several languages, such as Italian, English or French.

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