Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park – a tourist attraction for all ages!

Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park

If you find yourself in Bucharest’s 3rd district and you don’t know where would be the right place for a walk and complete relaxation, you should definitely consider Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park, a natural outdoor jewel that the capital boasts.

History of Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park

Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park, often known as IOR Park from the nearby factory (the Romanian Optics Company), started landscaping in 1965 and now covers an area of about 85 hectares, making it one of the most complex parks in Bucharest.

The attractions of Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park

Those who choose to explore this park will have the chance to find one of the most beautiful wooden churches, built in the Maramureșan style between 1994 and 1996, namely the Church of the Holy Spirit. It is 45 metres high and attracts many eyes because of the authentic style in which it was built, making it blend in perfectly with the place.

Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park

Also another unique attraction inside the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park is the natural Titan Lake, which makes this location also known as Titan Park, as most of those who choose to come here to recreate are from the neighbourhood of the same name but not only. Lake Titan is divided into two areas – Lake Titan 1 and Lake Titan 2 – and is also home to five islands whose names conceal many meanings, some of which are easy to decipher, as follows: Drowning Island, IOR Island, Retirement Island, Rose Island and Dog Island. Those who want to make the most of this location can opt for an affordable boat ride or a ride on classic or swan-shaped hydrofoils.

What’s more, inside this park, there are plenty of playgrounds for children, sports fields, kiosks where you can buy various goodies such as cotton candy or ice cream for those with a sweet tooth, and terraces. Most of the park is covered in grass, making it an ideal place to relax, especially in summer, when visitors can take a barefoot stroll through the grass.

Movie buffs should know that Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park is also host to outdoor movies, and animal lovers should know that they can admire ducks, swans, turtles, peacocks, pheasants and other migratory birds inside this park depending on the season, so don’t forget to take your camera with you if you choose to visit this place.

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