Explore the Romanian capital, rich in history and culture!

Explore the Romanian capital

Bucharest is one of Romania’s most beautiful and extravagant cities and beyond. Its numerous sights serve as fundamental national identity landmarks, turning Bucharest into a true centre of attraction for every tourist and a symbol of culture in Europe and worldwide.

Explore the Romanian capital with its lively areas and unique attractions

Our capital has a rich historical past and numerous sights worth visiting, whether you are passionate about architecture, history, art or nature. A prime example is Lake Tei – being surrounded by multiple residential areas and the varying shades of green of the surrounding trees, this lake is of a remarkable beauty that deserves to be seen and admired at least once in your life, especially when you are desperately looking for a place to get away from the daily routine and the alarming hustle and bustle of the capital. Fortunately, those who live nearby can revel in the lake’s beauty right from the building they live in.

Theatre lovers in the capital can go to the Lucia Sturdza Bulandra Theatre – a member of the Union of European Theatres; this theatre now runs its theatre projects in two halls, Liviu Ciulei and Toma Caragiu. Here you can enjoy the most original plays performed by talented actors.

Explore the Romanian capital

Another landmark of interest for the capital is the Four Seasons Fountain. This fountain is a true monument of historical value, being built in the form of four girls representing the four seasons, girls wearing various symbolic decorations for the season they represent: a bunch of ears of corn, a bunch of grapes, a bunch of flowers and an armful of wood.

The Ghica Tei Palace is also worth a visit. It is an emblematic building for Bucharest built in the past by the ruler Grigore Dimitrie Ghica in the neoclassical style of Italian architecture.

Explore the Romanian capital following the Dimitrie Brandza Botanical Garden is the ideal place for plant lovers. They can admire and find the most beautiful, living, and preserved plant species. This garden comprises an outer sector, which includes rare, Mediterranean plants, and an inner industry, which includes palm trees, orchid species, cacti and many others you can discover by visiting this place. Also, relax with a walk in the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park – or, in the past, IOR Park, is one of the most extensive parks in Bucharest and has in its composition the Titan Lake and five other small islands, such as Pensioners’ Island, Island of Arts, Island of Dogs, Island of Fishermen, Island of Ducks.

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