Urban Fountains in Unirii Square – a real show of water, lights and music

Urban Fountains

Suppose you are in Bucharest and need help figuring out what to do at night. In that case, we have a particular recommendation for you. Enjoy a multi-sensory experience with a visit to the capital’s centre, more precisely to Unirii Square, where the famous Urban Fountains are located. These are also world-renowned, with a water surface of 16,200 metres.

A special symbol of Bucharest

The fountains in Unirii Square were built decades ago, in the late 1980s. Over time they have become a valid symbol of Bucharest. But also an important point of attraction for many tourists or inhabitants, who were really impressed by the beauty of the place and immediately associated this fountain complex with the capital. They are built in a modern design, with state-of-the-art European equipment and technology, and strategically placed in the city centre.

Urban fountains in Union Square – a world record

The Urban Fountains have brought Romania and the capital’s beauty to the world stage, adding to its value. This is thanks to the fact that they have been awarded the title of “Longest string of synchronised, choreographed fountains in the world”. This international recognition was awarded by the World Record Academy, the largest international organisation that verifies and homologates world records.

Urban Fountains

Unique themed performances for fans

From the light show to the water show to the music show, the Urban Fountains are a complete multi-sensory experience, unique for tourists coming to Bucharest or for its inhabitants. Here, until the end of October, various shows take place daily, bringing magic to the public. Water jets rotate to the rhythm of the music, colourful games and dynamic atmosphere. That’s what you can see if you’re in the area and want to be enchanted by something you won’t find anywhere else.

Weekend show

In Bucharest’s Unirii Square, a show called the Water Symphony takes place weekend after weekend. Then there are many exceptional themed shows, which spoil their citizens or tourists worldwide with various moments. These programmes last about 45 minutes when the fountains are dressed in multiple colours, and the water jets synchronise with the music. And where else can you enjoy all this for free?

The sensations you’ll experience by spending a few moments admiring the sound, water and light show that these Urban Fountains offers cannot be described in words. The experience is unique for each person, so you should take advantage of a visit to Unirii Square, where this tourist attraction is located, whenever you can.

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