Live a unique experience with a visit to the Museum of Senses in Bucharest!

Museum of Senses in Bucharest

Suppose you want to enter a real world of sensations and optical illusions. In that case, you should take advantage of a visit to the Museum of Senses, located on the 1st floor in the AFI Cotroceni mall in Bucharest. This attraction can be visited daily and is suitable for all ages who want to discover some really fascinating dimensions of sensations.

About Museum of Senses in Bucharest

This location was officially inaugurated on 8 December 2017. It comprised 12 rooms with different themes designed to challenge visitors’ senses and thinking seriously. After the success of a similar museum in Prague, the Museum of Senses concept was quickly adopted for the city of Bucharest, becoming in a short time after opening, one of the most visited and recommended museums among those who wanted to live an exceptional multisensory experience on their own skin. The location has had around 600,000 visitors in just two years since opening, far surpassing even other more well-known museums in Bucharest.

Museum of Senses in Bucharest

The interior of this Museum of Senses is truly magical! Once you step in, you will be greeted by a breathtaking maze of mirrors that you have to get out of without bumping into the walls that reflect your image in dozens of copies by the Room of Lights, where you will have the opportunity to take the most fabulous pictures, by tilted or inverted rooms that will turn your world upside down, by a bed with over a thousand nails on which you can sit without feeling any pain, but only adrenaline at maximum heights and more. All your senses, from sight, sound, smell and touch, will be stimulated to stir the imagination and challenge perception. Once you walk through each room, you’ll have fun and a dose of education about science, the human brain and perception. You’ll be joined by a ‘guide’ who will explain what’s behind the optical illusions you experience during your visit to the museum.

And because the Museum of the Senses is meant to be a complete experience, after you’ve passed through the last room, you can catch your breath at a specially set the table where you can play various puzzles or games that will challenge your imagination. After your journey through the Museum of Senses, you’re sure to be left with many curiosities and questions, which will make you want to come back every time you have the chance to unravel all the mysteries in each room of this famous museum.

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