Discover Romanian folk art with a visit to the Romanian Peasant Museum!

Romanian Peasant Museum

Choose to discover and understand the culture of the traditional Romanian village through a visit to the Romanian Peasant Museum, which has in its heritage about 90,000 peasant objects from Romania that will delight you with their beauty and stories. The Romanian Peasant Museum is a national museum of folk arts and traditions sponsored by the Ministry of Culture in Bucharest. This building serves as a national symbol of our country’s culture and as an architectural monument that receives many tourists every year, both from the country and from other corners of the world.

History of the Romanian Peasant Museum

The museum was founded in 1990, the project and the entire management of the work being entrusted to a prominent architect of the local school of architecture, Nicolae Ghica-Budești. Since 1990, the museum has been in continuous development, thanks to field research carried out in all Romanian provinces,

Collections of the Romanian Peasant Museum

The Romanian Peasant Museum is famous worldwide because it holds one of the largest and richest collections of authentic peasant objects in Romania, with numerous art objects that testify to Romanian traditions and customs from time immemorial. The ceramics collection. This collection contains numerous objects of pottery art. So visitors can see here old traditional pieces of art, such as sarmale pots, milk pots, making pots, cake molds, etc.

Romanian Peasant Museum

Folk Wear Collection. As we already know, folk costumes have evolved over time in all ethnographic areas of the country. This collection has many pieces in this sense, offering visitors the chance to admire and discover the evolution of this genre of peasant creation. Collection of wood, furniture, and ironwork. Agricultural tools, musical instruments, traditional furniture, jugs, plows, looms, all of these and more highlight the uniqueness and antiquity of the various art objects from all regions of our country.

Religious art collection. The innate decorative sense of the Romanian peasant can be seen in the various icons on glass, icons on wood, crosses, and church vestments found in this collection. Collection of interior fabrics – Bark and Interior Textiles. You can admire traditional pillowcases, authentically tailored tablecloths, or tea towels here.

Miscellaneous collection – traditional customs. As we already know, people in the past were guided by many beliefs and superstitions handed down from their ancestors according to church rules. However, all of these have been lost today, and only this museum bears witness to them. In this collection, visitors can admire traditional folk masks and ceremonial props around which swirl legends, beliefs, and specific making techniques.

Image Archive of the Romanian Peasant Museum. Old photographs and other important documents dating back many years can be discovered and understood with this collection. Don’t miss the Museum of the Romanian Peasant to understand the village’s culture and appreciate authentic traditional values!

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