A visit to the Ocnele Mari Salt Mine will benefit your health

Ocnele Mari Salt Mine

Nothing compares to the coolness of a salt mine on a hot summer day. The high walls of the Ocnele Mari Saltworks are ready to shelter you and give you an unforgettable experience. Besides the great appearance of the saltworks, it is also known for its benefits on some diseases. Among the many positive effects of breathing the air in the Saltworks is healing respiratory diseases such as bronchial asthma, respiratory infections, and chronic rhinitis. So, besides giving you a complete break from the hustle and bustle outside, the salt air is also good for your health.

Health benefits

The beneficial effects of the air and the special salt in the Salina are already well known, and many people have started to use them more and more often. Whether we are talking about respiratory disorders, chronic fatigue, or neurosis, Salina Ocnele Mari is the perfect place to relax and start a healing process at the same time.

Specially designed spaces for relaxation at Ocnele Mari Salt Mine

Salina Ocnele Mari is the perfect place to relax for a few hours and enjoy peace and quiet. Also, if you are more active, you can spend time in the Saltworks on one of the specially designed grounds there. You can play basketball, football, or volleyball, making Salina an easy place for teenagers or adults. Also, in Salina Ocnele Mari, you will find special areas for tennis or billiards. Whether you’re looking for a quiet walk through the salt or want to play in the saltworks, you will find many activities to participate in.

Ocnele Mari Salt Mine

Special places for children

Children are often excited by all the new places they get to. For them, the fact that they will be surrounded by such high walls will be so fascinating that they will not be encouraged to ask you many questions. The Ocnele Mari Saltworks has a specially designed play area for the youngest visitors to have fun. There they will find slides, swings, and swings on which they can swing. All this is in a totally unique landscape.

Salt products you can take home

Salt from the Ocnele Mari Saltworks has a much more special taste than the usual table salt. Many people who visit the Ocnele Mari Saltworks take a bottle of salt with them, which they can either keep as souvenirs or use in their dishes. In Salina Ocnele Mari, there is a wide range of such products. All of these can be purchased in the Salina, from spices with salt and greens to salt products and other vegetables.

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