The Stavropoleos Church is a true symbol of the architectural style of the Brancovenes!

Stavropoleos Church

If you wander around Bucharest and discover all its beauties, don’t miss a visit to the Stavropoleos Church, located in the Old Centre of the capital and an important tourist attraction that hides many legends and testimonies of past history.

History of the Stavropoleos Church

This building was erected in 1724 by a Greek monk, Ioanichie Stratonikeas, right in the courtyard of his inn, as was the custom at the time. The church’s name was received with his appointment as Metropolitan of Stavropol and meant, according to the Greek word Stauropolis, City of the Cross. This building has been quite degraded, especially due to earthquakes. Still, by the decision of the Ministry of Instruction and Worship in 1897, the church began to enjoy restoration works in 1904.

Unique architecture

The Stavropoleos Church, whose restoration was carried out by the architect Alexandru Zagorit, together with Vasile Damian, who was responsible for the restoration of the painting, is built in the neo-Romanesque style and stands out for its special features: ornate stone columns with Moorish influences, windows with floral decorations typical of the Brancovenesc style, portal carved in stone, interior and exterior mural painting, etc. On the two wooden doors at the entrance are carved two icons of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, the patron saints of this church.

Stavropoleos Church

Library and collection of ancient cult objects

Moreover, visitors to this church will also discover a rich library of theological, historical, and artistic volumes, manuscripts in several languages, including Romanian, Slavonic, and Greek, and an extraordinary collection of old church objects, such as fragments of frescoes or tombstones left over from churches demolished in the past, icons and various symbolic objects of worship of inestimable value.

Tourists will also have the opportunity to admire the original carved wooden chair of the ruler Nicolae Mavrocordat, with the coats of arms of Wallachia and Moldavia inscribed, together with the initial chair of the founder of this place of worship.

The nuns who attend the daily monastery services here are also busy with activities such as restoring old books, weaving the methane, painting icons, or digitizing the collection of old books, all to give due attention to the place of worship and to emphasize its important cultural-missionary role.

Thanks to its unique architecture, the Stavropoleos Church is a perfect location for photography enthusiasts, who will find the ideal setting for their best photos, but also for those who love history, as the church is included in the List of Historical Monuments in Romania.

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