Discover Calea Victoriei where the aristocratic class of the country used to meet in the past!

calea victoriei

Suppose you want to get the pulse of Bucharest and delight your eyes with the most beautiful and meaningful historical buildings. In that case, you should take advantage of a stroll along Calea Victoriei.

The place where the richest and most influential people of every era strolled

Calea Victoriei was created in 1702 at the request of Constantin Brâncoveanu. It was not until 1878 that it received the name it still bears today, with the victory of the Romanian army in the War of Independence and its triumphal entry into Bucharest. In the past, this was where our country’s elite used to hang out and where the most impressive historical buildings were built.

See the most beautiful historical buildings and sights from Calea Victoriei

Calea Victoriei, from Revolution Square to the United Nations Square, is full of sights wherever you look that bear witness to our country’s history and Romanian culture. Among the main sights of interest that make Calea Victoriei one of the most important and symbolic arteries in Bucharest, with rich meanings, are:

Casa Capșa. This building was originally named after two brothers, Anton and Vasile Capsa, where the most important dinners in Bucharest took place. Over time, it has also made the rounds as the Café of Writers and Artists. It is now a daily open venue that delights its visitors with various special treats. How else could you entice your customers if not with a different sweet method?

calea victoriei

National Museum of Romanian History. This building catches the eye of passers-by thanks to its imposing neoclassical facade, which ends at the sides with domes and a wide portico of 10 Doric columns. The museum was opened in 1971 to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Romanian Communist Party (PCR). Visitors from all over the country and beyond have the opportunity to see here important works of art, such as the copy of Trajan’s Column, the lapidarium with 165 pieces of architecture and sculpture from the Greco-Roman era, the Late Roman period and the Romanian Middle Ages but, most importantly, the Historical Treasure which houses 3000 pieces made of metals and precious stones of the different civilizations that have existed throughout time on the territory of our country.

The Palace of the National Military Circle. This building, built in the style of neoclassicist origin, French academic eclectic, arouses the admiration of all passers-by. It houses the National Military Circle, the Military Library, and the CMN Restaurant.

Calea Victoriei – Bucharest’s lively artery

You can only feel the authentic spirit of the capital if you walk this avenue at least once in your life and let yourself be carried away by the vibrant atmosphere and the bustle of people around you. Take advantage of Calea Victoriei and the fascinating buildings it houses!

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