Places you should take advantage of if you visit or live in sector 3 in Bucharest!

sector 3

Sector 3: Bucharest is a lively capital city, with many buildings built in distinctive architectural styles and tourist attractions to suit every taste. It’s worth planning a visit to the capital city or considering buying a home here.

Walking through Sector 3

Sector 3 is the most populated sector of the capital and is also recognized as the most important cultural-historical area of the city, rich in many outstanding tourist attractions. Among the sights located in this sector, we can mention the following:

National Museum of Romanian History – this emblematic building is Romania’s most important history and archaeology museum, as it houses the most famous and valuable treasures of historical heritage.

The Inn of the Yew Tree – located in the historical-commercial center of Bucharest, this place is particularly notable for its medieval architecture and for hosting the largest art and antiques gallery in the country, which includes very old objects and a Spanish-style interior courtyard. It is said that all the treasures of a lost time in Bucharest are gathered in this Inn. Visitors can visit the Inn during the week, Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm or Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm, to eat like the Bohemians of old in an inn that has kept its original shape.

Manuc’s Inn – this Inn was once the place where the Russians and Turks held the peace negotiations that ended the First World War. It is also said to have been where the country’s poets and politicians once met. Today, it has become one of the capital’s most famous restaurants. Combining modern atmosphere and spirit with something of the style of yesteryear, this place symbolizes city life full of good cheer and good taste.

sector 3

The Old Centre of the capital – is undoubtedly the most visited area of Bucharest, especially because of its historical load, represented by numerous monuments and various neo-baroque and neoclassical buildings listed as UNESCO heritage sites, such as the Manuc’s Inn, the Stavropoleos Church or the statue of Lupoaicei. This area is chic, full of tempting terraces that entice its customers, and full of life and bustle.

Kilometre Zero Monument – this tourist attraction is located in the center of Bucharest and illustrates the eight Romanian provinces in the form of a dew of winds: Moldova, Bucovina, Dobrogea, Transylvania, Muntenia, Banat, Oltenia and Basarabia. Currently one of the key symbols of the Romanian capital, this monument metaphorically marks the beginning of a real road that crosses all the lands of this country that deserves to be discovered piece by piece.

Buy or sell in Bucharest

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