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Alexandra Demian

Alexandra Demian is a Real estate expert, wife and mother.

She is the living proof of a strong woman who successfully combines career and family.
She has been passionate about this beautiful profession for 15 years.
Every day he shows professionalism and excellent skills to solve any problem.

Characterized by those who know her as a sociable person, a warm nature, a person who quickly finds solutions and sees opportunities where others do not even think they exist.
Alexandra is a recognized as a communicator and a person very attentive to details.
This helps her a lot to listen carefully to her customers and to understand their values, needs and desires to find the optimal solution for each.

As she said, „every customer is unique and every transaction must be treated as such”.
Clever, authentic and tenacious when it comes to negotiations, Alexandra will represent your interests best. She demonstrates integrity and honesty throughout each transaction.

Passionate about the legal part in this field, she allocates time to be up to date with all the legislative changes and carefully checks each act.

This fact is also related by her clients: „The collaboration I had with Mrs. Alexandra Demian was exemplary, she showing a high level of professionalism. We were helped, guided, and all the problems / impediments that appeared during the transaction were treated with the utmost seriousness, Alexandra not hesitating to come up with ideas for solving them in the shortest time. Congratulations to the company for such a person and for the quality services.”- Cristian Sirbu

Direct: +40 734 945 881
Office: +40 757 703 567

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