When you decide to buy a house in Romania, pay attention to the location

You know very well that when you want to buy a house in Romania there are three extremely important things: the location, the location and again the location.
In conclusion, the location is what gives value to a property. It is very important to consider it to be a good area. If you already live in that city, you should know what the good areas are. If not, take the time to get to know the city. Of course, house prices are higher in good areas, but you have to take into account:

  • to be as close as possible to a good school,
  • to be close to your points of interest,
  • to be an easily accessible area
  • to have certain facilities in the area,
  • to take into account what the neighboring houses look like.


Other location criteria

It is very important what neighborhood you have and just as important is what neighbors you have.
You think that maybe you will sell at some point. Price evolution is one of the important indicators that shows you the price trend for your area of ​​interest. You definitely want to sell at a profit and not at a loss.
Or maybe you want to rent at some point and you will clearly earn a higher monthly amount if the area is a good one.

Whether you choose one of the big cities: Bucharest, Cluj, Constanța, Brașov or a smaller and more picturesque one such as Breaza, Sinaia, Câmpina, you have to pay attention to the area.
In conclusion, there must be a balance between area, price and the overall quality it offers to your life.

When deciding on an area, ask yourself, “Does this place give me what I want?”

And of course, if you need someone to stand by you and give you professional advice throughout the process, count on me, Stefan Nita. I am an expert and real estate negotiator with over 20 years of experience on the Romanian real estate market.