A boat ride on Caciulata perfect for a break from the daily routine

When you feel annoyed by all the hustle and bustle around you, you deserve a getaway.
Ramnicu Vâlcea is the perfect location when you want a few days of relaxation and peace.
If you get here you can make a short boat trip on the river Olt. You can calm down looking at the wonderful landscapes around you.
A few hours spent on Caciulata are exactly what you need. It is for those who feel the need to explore new things and enjoy nature and fresh air. At the same time, a boat ride is perfect for times when your mind wants a break. When you want a moment of respite.

50 minutes of total silence


A boat trip takes about 50 minutes. During this time you will be able to admire the beautiful landscapes, the living nature and you will be able to relax forgetting your problems.
Boarding will be at Izvorul 1 from Caciulata. The route then follows the watercourse until entering Calimanesti. From here the ship will return upstream to the Turnu Hydroelectric Power Plant. Later you will be able to admire the Cozia Monastery and, finally, you will return to the starting point for disembarkation.

Excursions for 10 people

The boat that makes these short trips has the capacity to transport 1o people. So that if you go with a group of friends or family, you will be able to admire landscapes together.

Safe ride

A boat ride on Caciulata

Many of us do not have the courage to take a boat ride because we are scared.
Either a potential accident or we are simply scared by the idea of a walk on the sea.

If you choose to take a Caciulata boat route, then you can be sure that nothing bad will happen to you.
The boat is made in the USA and complies with all European regulations. The captain of the boat will also make sure that, before starting the route, he will give all the indications about the stationary.
Thus, you will feel safe and you will be able to enjoy without problems what nature offers you.

Peace and relaxation at Caciulata

A walk on Olt is welcome, whenever you feel that you can no longer deal with problems and thoughts that no longer give you peace. It will help you to calm down, calm down and put your thoughts in order.

At the same time, a boat trip is indicated when you simply want to connect with nature and admire the wonderful landscapes and the beauties of nature.

Nothing can be compared to a short boat trip in the middle of nature, which will help you clear your thoughts to relax and which will help you make your holiday more beautiful.