Cula Greceanu Maldaresti, a representation of the nobility in 2021

Cula Greceanu is located in the commune of Maldaresti. Is about three kilometers from Horezu. Cula Greceanu hides some of the most beautiful landscapes in this area.

Known as the oldest building of its kind. She kept her name after passing it as an inheritance from the Greceanu family to the Maldarescu family.

It is located in a picturesque landscape. Surrounded by nature and fresh air, Cula Greceanu is the perfect place where you can spend a few hours walking and relaxing.

A perfect setting for those who want to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city and take a break from their daily routine.

Brancoveneasca construction

Located in the middle of nature, Cula Greceanu is the place that will transport you a few years in the past. It will make you better understand what it was like to live in the 1800s.

Built in Brancovenesc style, with large windows and two porches with arches and penetrating vaults in the room on the 1st floor.

First of all, Cula is the perfect location for those who want to notice more construction details. Secondly, it is the place to go to admire a spectacular place through its simplicity.

The perfect place for some great pictures – Cula Greceanu

The location of Cula Greceanu is in itself a fascinating location through the tranquility and calm it emanates.

Nature has left here some of the most beautiful landscapes and places where photography lovers can become inventive. Whether I choose the details inside the house, or I choose the exterior landscapes, you will surely manage to get here some of the most beautiful photos.

A short trip to the past

Those who choose to visit Cula Greceanu can take a trip into the past through the architecture and furniture you will find inside. The two floors are representations of the past both through construction and through the objects you can find there.

On the first floor you will be greeted by a long porch and an escalator, meant to take you to the safest place in the room, and on the second floor, you can admire the huge porch and the landscape it offers.

One of the oldest buildings in the country

Cula Greceanu is one of the oldest buildings in the country and is famous for the fact that the ground floor does not communicate at all with the floor. Thus, in case of an attack, the thieves would not be able to reach the floor. However, this is also a clear disadvantage, since thus, by positioning the windows, they could have entered the house anyway.

If you are passionate about the period of the nobility and outlawry, then Cula Greceanu is the perfect place where you could find out more about it.