Lake Vidra, the place you must visit in any season

An extremely well-known area from a tourist point of view, Lake Vidra is the place where all forms of relief meet, and the landscape is absolutely beautiful.

The expanse of water, surrounded by towering spruces is the perfect place where you can admire the most beautiful images and admire the beauties left by nature.

It is a quiet area, perfect for when you want to escape from the daily routine. The dam is located on Raul Lotru, just a few kilometers from Voineasa resort, where you can discover the Transalpina Ski Resort.

Superb landscapes in any season

Lake Vidra is a place worth visiting at any time of the year. In the middle of summer, delights your eyes with the bright green of the spruces. And the mountains give you fresh air and a well-deserved coolness.

In autumn the colors are intertwined in a sublime image. The lake is the right place for any season. The landscapes are exceptional and hard to forget.

Accumulation dam for several rivers in the area

The lake captures other rivers through the system of adductions and secondary catchments, which includes a total of 81 catches grouped in three distinct branches, making it an accumulation lake of 340 million m3, which covers an area of 940 ha and has a length of 9 km.

Secret gold mine

There are many stories and legends about Lake Vidra and the area where it is now.

One of the best known is that there was once a gold mine in this area. It was kept secret and was exploited by the Nazis in World War II.
According to the story, when the Nazis found out that Germany had been defeated, they blew up the mine. This has not been seen since. The reason being the steep stones fell from the walls and covered a large part of the area.

Perfect place for silence – Lake Vidra

If you choose to spend a few minutes admiring the beautiful landscape offered by Lake Vidra and other landforms in the area, then you can be sure that these moments will be perfect to calm down and put your thoughts in order. The image in front of you can be an inspiration, and clean air will only be a helping factor.

The second largest hydropower plant in Romania

Lake Vidra supplies with a constant flow of water the second largest hydropower plant in Romania after the one at the Iron Gates: Ciunget Hydropower Plant. It is located downstream, at the exit of Latorita from the gorge, and has an installed capacity of 550 MW.

If you arrive in this area, it is ideal to visit Lake Vidra, regardless of the season, to be able to observe one of the most beautiful gifts made by human nature.