Nicolae Balcescu Museum, a trip into the bohemian past of the 1848 movement

If you arrive in Ramnicu Valcea, then you simply must go to the “Nicolae Balcescu” Museum, an oasis of history, hidden in a quiet valley in Nicolae Balcescu village.

An old mansion situated in a remote area. It is the perfect occasion for a lesson about one of the personalities of the Romanian culture, Nicolae Balcescu. First of all, he is famous because he was a great Romanian revolutionary. Secondly, it was historical. Third, and most important was a great writer. He lived in the 1848 movement age. The eleven rooms of the mansion treasure the air of long-gone days and manage to take the visitors on a trip in the past.

An oasis of peace – Nicolae Balcescu Museum

The exterior of the mansion simply takes you to the 1848 movement age.
The mansion perfectly preserves the air of the 1850s.
With an elegant look, located in an area where you can hear only the branches of the trees shaken by the wind.
From the first time you step there, you will feel time standing still, and you will travel into the past.

A history lesson – Nicolae Balcescu Museum

To many, a visit to the “Nicolae Balcescu” Museum can signify a full-on history lesson. The eleven rooms accommodate the history of a family that has fought for what Romania is today. Each room is a representation of the past. A visit to a museum is always a method in which you can learn new things in a much more appealing way.

Exhibitions dedicated to the Balcescu family

Nicolae Balcescu Museum

In the “Nicolae Balcescu” Museum you will discover two exhibitions meant to help you understand history better. One of them is dedicated to the Balcescu family, the other is dedicated to Nicolae Balcescu. In the first four rooms of the mansion, you will be able to feel the bohemian atmosphere and the nostalgia of the past. In the next ones, you will be able to see some of the original writings of Nicolae Balcescu.

The atmosphere of the past, captured between the walls of the mansion

“Nicolae Balcescu” Museum is a representation of a fascinating past. The construction of the mansion in a Brancovan style, with gothic and renaissance influences, makes it the perfect place for those who want to taste a little from history and the bohemian atmosphere of that time.

The church from Galtofani

The church is at a very small distance from the mansion and it was built around 1825. It is made of oak wood which lasted until present day. For those visiting the museum, a short visit to the church is a must. It is an incredible historical attestation. An important element to those wanting to understand the history of the Balcescu family more deeply, nevertheless.

Nicolae Balcescu Museum - church

A real tour of culture

A visit to the “Nicolae Balcescu” Museum is, actually, a guided tour through the place in which one of the most important personalities of the 1848 revolution lived.
The quietness of the place and the mansion is exactly what you need for a short nostalgic trip in a glorious past.