A visit at the Ocnele Mari Salt Mine will be beneficial to your health

Nothing compares to the coolness of a salt mine in a hot summer day. The tall walls of Ocnele Mari Salt Mine – Valcea are ready to shelter and offer you an unforgettable experience. In addition to the absolutely fabulous aspect of the salt mine, it is also famous for its benefits over some diseases. Among the numerous positive effects of breathing the salt mine air, we can count curing some respiratory diseases, such as bronchial asthma, respiratory infections or chronic rhinitis. Consequently, on the top of the fact that the salt mine offers a complete break from the stir outside, this air is also beneficial to your health.

Benefits to health 

Ocnele Mari Salt Mine

The beneficial effects of the salt mine’s air and special salt are already famous and many people started relying on them more and more often. Whether we are talking about respiratory system disorders, or chronic fatigue conditions or neurosis, salt mine is the perfect place to both relax and start a process of healing, at the same time. 

Specially designed spaces for relaxation

Ocnele Mari Salt Mine is the perfect place to relax for a couple of hours and enjoy some quiet and peace. Moreover, if you are the active type of person, you will be able to spend time in the salt mine on one of the specially designed pitches there. You can play basketball, football or volleyball, and this turns the Salt Mine into the perfect place for teenagers or adults. Furthermore, in the Ocnele Mari Salt Mine you will also find specially designed spaces for tennis or pool. Whether you are merely looking for a quiet walk in the salt mine, or you just want to play, the Salt Mine will offer you numerous activities you can take part in. 

Specially designed spaces for children

Children are most often delighted by all the new places they come across. To them, the simple fact of being surrounded by such tall walls will be so fascinating, that they won’t stop asking you a lot of questions. Ocnele Mari Salt Mine offers, for the youngest of visitors, a specially designed playground, where they can enjoy themselves. They will find there seesaws, slings and slides, which they can play on. All these in an entirely unique landscape.

Salt based products which you can take home

The salt from the Ocnele Mari Salt Mine has a much more special flavor than regular table salt. Many people who visit Ocnele Mari Salt Mine take a small bottle of salt which they can treasure as a memory or can use in dishes. In the Ocnele Mari Salt Mine there is a great variety of such products. From salt and herbs seasoning to salt and other vegetables based products, all these can be purchased from the Salt Mine.