Business for sale Pietrosani, Arges


  • Air Conditioning
  • Attic
  • Balcony
  • Barbecue
  • Central heating
  • Furnished
  • Garbage disposal
  • Garden
  • Kitchen


Readily available business for sale

When I say available business for sale, I mean the place of your dreams. A dream destination situated in Arges County, between Curtea de Arges and Campulung. It is a hillside area, from where you could see the peaks of the Bucegi Mountains, Piatra Craiului, but also Moldoveanu Peak.

Here, besides the incredible landscapes, with fresh air, there is also the business that has been initially created out of love for children and that has soon become a money factory.

A readily available business for sale… something special only for those ones who want to make graceful little girls happy. 

A special offer of a pension with a 200 seat restaurant, fast food, playground, funfair or amusement park, maze and a small animal farm. 

The amusement park lies on a surface of thirteen thousand square meters and is situated at the foot of the hills, surrounded by a lot of green grass and by forest. It is a quiet, clean and unpolluted area. Something special only for our children.  

In the park there are numerous activities for children.

Activities for children:

  • water inflatable balls, 
  • riding with the ATVs (for both children and adults), 
  • bungee rope, 
  • tracks of different difficulty, 
  • trampoline, 
  • electric boats, 
  • ziplines, 
  • archery, 
  • Zorba ball, 
  • pony riding, 
  • face painting, 
  • children playground with swings, slides, the dwarfs’ cottage, 
  • maze.

Activities for tourists

Tourists can also take advantage of the fast food, where hot meals can be cooked on spot. There is also a souvenir shop.

In the park area, there is also a farm with domestic animals, very nicely landscaped, where children can admire the beautiful domestic animals and birds.

Different actions such as wedding ceremonies, christening ceremonies/ baby showers, birthday parties, surprise parties, etc, can be organized.

The park is open all weekdays for visitor groups and for individual tourists from all over. 

Our main activity is school tourism – groups of children going on trip to the Amusement Park.

We have two different locations:

  1. The Land of Stories, with workshops for children. Here we organize workshops for children, such as: doll manufacturing workshop, kurtos kalacs workshop, gingerbread house workshop, icon painting workshops, egg painting workshop, painting on glass workshop, bakers workshop, wood carving workshop, sewing and weaving workshops, pizza workshop, cakes and pies workshop, pottery workshop, chocolate workshop, globes workshop.
  2. The Amusement Park – where we take the children who took part in the workshops to have some fun and engage in sporting and educational activities. 

Description of sporting activities in the amusement park:

Vlad the Impaler and the Turkish

historical and sporting activity, taking place in the amusement park; the children are divided into two teams (the team of the Turkish and the team of the Romanians) and they will create the team’s flag, they will design fight weapons, and the girls will braid beads which they will be taking home; there will be battle demonstrations between the two teams, monitored by animators; archery and spear throwing contest, climbing the fortress wall. The winning team will be awarded.

The Eagle Scout

sporting and orientation in nature activity, taking place in the Amusement Park and consisting in putting up a tent, orientation in nature with the help of compasses and maps, building fireplaces, teaching children to make fire, teaching them the cardinal points, lighting the lantern and the cooking lamp, archery contest;

Survival in nature

sporting and survival in nature activity, taking place in the Amusement Park and consisting in building a twigs, branches and leaves shelter, and in winter, mountaineering, climbing, teaching children about the working tools safely (under the surveillance of the instructors), orientation in nature with the help of compasses and maps, building fireplaces, teaching children to make fire, first aid, archery contest.

Amusement and fun

sporting activity taking place in the Amusement Park and consisting in a set of the activities in the park (riding with the ATVs – ten minutes/ person, inflatable balls – ten minutes/ person, pony riding – five laps/ person, wall or spider-web climbing; Bonus – archery ten arrows/ person, rides in the pony driven carriage);

A day of adventures in the middle of nature

sporting activity taking place in the Amusement Park and consisting in a different set of activities in the park (two laps of zipline, archery with ten arrows, crossing a difficulty trail, climbing, jumping, riding on ponies – five laps/child, rope wall climbing, crossing the  rope bridge).

Structured of the building within the business for sale

The pension with the restaurant is structured into ground floor and first attic floor. It has a built surface of seven hundred square meters and six hundred usable square meters.

It is divided like this:

GROUND FLOOR: Sc =420,18 sm           Su=369,20 sm

  • Storage shed:                                    S=     5,63 sm
  • Hall                                                     S=     8,85 sm 
  • Changing room                                S=     4,13 sm
  • Kitchen                                              S=   45,26 sm 
  • Women’s toilet                                 S=    3,27 sm
  • Men’s toilet                                       S=    3,27 sm
  • Server space                                     S=    1,95 sm
  • Stairwell                                            S=    4,21 sm 
  • Room                                                 S=292,63 sm 

FIRST ATTIC FLOOR:     Sc=278,73 sm               Su=230,53 sm

  • Room                                                            S=  19,81 sm 
  • Bathroom                                                     S=    2,12 sm 
  • Room                                                            S=  19,53 sm 
  • Bathroom                                                     S=    2,62 sm
  • Room                                                            S=  16,93 sm 
  • Bathroom                                                     S=    2,21 sm 
  • Hall and stairwell                                       S=  64,97 sm
  • Room                                                            S=  19,98 sm 
  • Bathroom                                                     S=    2,63 sm 
  • Room                                                            S=  21,23 sm 
  • Bathroom                                                    S=    2,63 sm
  • Room                                                            S=  19,66 sm 
  • Bathroom                                                    S=    2,63 sm 
  • Room                                                            S=  12,22 sm 


This business for sale is surely the investment you are looking for!

So if you love children and you want to make money…just pick up that phone and call me right now!




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