Ramnicu Valcea Zoo, house for animals that you have seen only in pictures.

The Zoological Gardens are the greatest attraction, especially for children. Nothing compares to a visit to the zoo, where you can learn about wild animals, but more importantly, you are given the chance to watch them closely and better understand them. To children, visits to the zoo are a real joy, whereas to adults, they represent the perfect moment to relax and admire different animal species. At Ramnicu Valcea Zoo you can find a wide variety of species of animals. It is here where you can find exotic animals such as tigers, lions, jaguars, but also animals such as deer, foxes or wolves. 

Animals of different species

At this zoo you will be able to find all sorts of animals. The moment you set foot in it, you will picture a fabulous world of powerful animals. Children will consider visiting Ramnicu Valcea Zoo a real attraction, because animals they had seen before only in pictures come true.

  • The lion, king of animals

What could be more fascinating than standing only a few meters away from the king of the animals?
To wild and exotic animal lovers, Ramnicu Valcea Zoo is the perfect place where their imagination can take shape. 

  • Foxes and wolves, best friends.

If you are fascinated by wild animals, but you don’t want to watch the lion, the tiger or the jaguar, you could visit smaller animals from the zoo, such as the wolf or the fox. Here you will be able to admire several different species of wolves, which will most certainly rise to your expectations. And wolves will shock you with their nobility and their serious and powerful look.

For all animal lovers

Whether you wish to see the strongest animals in the jungle, or you want to focus on smaller ones, Ramnicu Valcea Zoo is the perfect place for it.
You will be able to admire:

  • guinea pigs,
  • kangaroos,
  • raccoons
    You will see the way in which they live and the food they eat.

An educational lesson for young and old – Ramnicu Valcea Zoo

They say that we always learn new things, no matter the age. A trip to Ramnicu Valcea Zoo is the perfect place for a lesson about animals. Here you can better watch their behavior and you will be able to understand what they are fed, what they enjoy doing and how they act when they are admired. Whether a child or an adult, a zoo is always the perfect occasion to learn new things.
If you are visiting Ramnicu Valcea, then you shouldn’t miss the Zoo there. You will step into the incredible world of animals and learn a great deal about them, only by spending a few hours there.