Do you need an experienced real estate agent?
Want to know the correct price of your property?
We sell … Our customers say we are great! We can only … give them justice and thank them for having … confidence in us … we really are extraordinary, aren’t we?

Do you really think it’s a joke when I tell you that a professional knows better than you how to sell a villa?

You know very well that selling a property is a whole process that must be fully respected.
If you knew how to follow the sales process, you really wouldn’t need a professional.

You asked yourself the question:
What exactly are you doing?
Where do you go wrong your property is still for sale? …
Which half of the glass do you see, the full one or the empty one?

Of course you are free to choose whether to sell alone or to a professional who knows how to sell a property because that is his job.
Just like that old saying… the job is the gold bracelet.

So there is no dead end, go to the phone and call 0757703567.
Due to the two decades of activity on the real estate market in Romania, I will sell your property in the shortest time and at the best price, because I am a professional real estate agent with over 20 years of experience in the field.
Maybe for various reasons you are still waiting for that client to buy your property … You know that selling a property is a whole process that must be fully respected!

Did you make sure you knew what this process was before you put your property up for sale?
Some people think it’s luck … I’m telling you it’s science.

    As a real estate agent, I tell you, it will be very difficult for you to sell under the conditions imposed by you without a marketing strategy. Below you will find 10 marketing strategies, use them!

  • Ad title

    The title of your offer makes the difference between selling and being sold. The title decides whether you managed to arouse the curiosity of the potential comparator or not. 60% of the sale is based on the title, so think of a title that attracts attention.

  • The description

    Make an emotional description that conveys what you want to express. Rely on the needs of the buyer and highlight them so that they realize that your property is what he is looking for. Give life to your property.

  • Professional pictures

    As you well know, a photo is worth a thousand words, it wouldn’t hurt to take some professional pictures.

  • Video

    Through a presentation video you manage to highlight the details that cannot be seen in the pictures but most importantly without the video you do not exist.

  • Individual site

    The best marketing tool is the offer’s own website. Find an IT and solve the problem.

  • Publication of the announcement

    Search for specialized portals with the most visitors in the area where your property is located. Be careful with bargain hunters.

  • Newsletter

    With a well-structured database, your offer can reach the customer.

  • Google Adwors

    Be the first in the search engines, invest in your offer.

  • Social Media

    Send your offer on social media for sure the client you are waiting for has a social media account. Check which.

  • Monitoring

    Track reports and make measurements so you can sell faster and at the best price in the area where your property is located. See what works and what doesn’t.

if the steps presented above seem too complicated, call me or fill in the form below and let a professional take care of the sale of your property.