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Stefan Nita the man

First of all, Stefan Nita is an expert and real estate negotiator with twenty years of experience in this field. Secondly, I am a demanding manager, a person who likes to know that things are done perfectly and all tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Finally, I’m Stefan Nita, the man. I am the man who likes to communicate and build strong relationships with those I work with, including clients.
Also, I am a husband and a father for whom the family is the most important achievement of a lifetime.

I am characterized by sociability, relationships, extroversion and perseverance.
My efforts must compete directly with clients who want to develop businesses based on new models, and I will provide you with competitive capabilities and advantages, thus avoiding a “ground impact”.

If you have reached this section, it means that you are looking for a real estate agent to help you selling your property. I’m sure you want that man to be the highest rank real estate agent. Regardless of whether you have an apartment, a house, a plot of land or any other property for sale, you should contact me with all confidence, you are exactly where you need to be.

Why did I, Stefan Nita, choose the exclusive representation?

As you can see from the title, I chose the exclusive representation. I consider that this working method represents me the best, I follow the efficiency and the result. I love the success of selling the real estate, which I take over in my portfolio in exclusive representation, at the best price and in the shortest time.

My clients will always have a competitive advantage. I approach the competitive system and its dynamics considering it a whole. Analytical thinking, valid data, rigorous analysis and explicit logic will serve as a basis for making objective decisions.

I keep my word and carry out the commitments in the contracts. Setting the standard and creating values ​​imposes the need to understand and change the mentality of my clients.

Now I think you understand why I chose to be different!

The benefits of exclusive representation, Stefan Nita

At the risk of repeating myself, I pursue efficiency and results. Efficiency for me is the shortest possible trading time and the best price for you. When I say time, I mean taking on all your unproductive tasks. Our common interest is to get the best result in the shortest possible time.
This is from my point of view the biggest benefit of signing the exclusive representation contract, so you have your own real estate agent. You have with you a trustworthy man who does everything in his power to make you happy.
And now that you’ve read the benefits, are you still wondering how I can help you?

How can I help you?

I know that now you are looking for the solution to solve the problem you have and I congratulate you for being on my site now. Stay calm, the sun always rises even when you don’t expect it. I had moments when I had problems to solve. And the sun has always risen for me. Our story is not about the sunrise. And you don’t even want that. It is about trust, this is a must have.

With this I can help you, the skill, the cleverness and the momentary sparkle that come with the following services:

  • photos taken by a professional photographer – to present the building as realistically as possible, for the added value and for the good information of the client (eye point – hit point)
  • presentation video – for the highest possible opening rate and for the best possible media coverage of the offer (number of people who see and watch it)
  • great media coverage on social media (facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube)
  • emotional and persuasive description, on the buyer’s understanding
  • promoting the property on specialized sites.

I’m glad you chose wisely!

Direct: +40 757 703 567
Office: +40 734 945 881

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