The Museum of Trovants, the magical place in which rocks come to life

The Museum of Trovants is the perfect place for outdoor walk lovers in a relaxed setting. If you find yourself on a holiday in Valcea County, then you shouldn’t miss a trip to the Museum of Trovants from Costesti. Founded in 2015, the museum is host to more trovants than one, which have impressed thousands of tourists in shape and size, over time, Trovants are rocks of incredible sizes and different shapes, which grow every day. Well, yes, trovants from Costesti grow with each passing day, and the museum is a real delight for all those who love long nature walks and the bizarre things it has to offer.

museum of trovants

Protected Area

Immediately after its launch, in 2015, the Museum of Trovants became the only place in Europe to have a natural reservation with geological formations which were created millions of years ago. Because of the unique character of the area, in 2005 it became an area protected by law. Although in Romania there are several other places where you can see trovants. The ones in Costesti managed to differentiate themselves through their incredible aspect. If you want to visit something new and to enjoy the surrounding nature at the same time, the Museum of Trovants is the place you must put on your to-visit list. 

The Museum of Trovants an incredible history

Throughout history, there were several theories to explain how trovants were created and moreover, the reason for which they grow. However, it is worth knowing that trovants had been formed in a delta, 6.5 million years ago. A visit there would mean a short trip several million years back, and the information you receive there will most definitely enrich your knowledge. 

Perfect for little ones

As we already know, children are always attracted by new things and would like to know more and more. That is why the museum is the perfect place for parents and children on holiday. Science is magnetic for kids and what could be more attractive to them than some rocks growing daily. Furthermore, the strange, bizarre shapes of the rocks will most surely impress children and they will become even more curious to find out new things.

A unique place to enjoy marvelous landscapes 

In addition to the incredible trovants you can admire there, the museum is an oasis of relaxation, too. You can take a walk through the reservation and admire all the gifts nature offered to humankind. You can breathe the fresh air and relax watching the landscapes it is surrounded by, at the same time.