Transalpina Ski Resort, the perfect resort for ski lovers

If you don’t know where you can spend your winter holiday and are a winter sports lover, then Transalpina Ski Resort is a must on your to-visit list.

Placed in the North-West of Valcea County, the resort offers some of the best slopes in the country. Here you can enjoy the snow and nice weather.

For those who still don’t know where they will spend their winter holiday, this is the perfect occasion to choose a place which provides all the necessary things for a couple of perfect days.

A report of the Institute of National Statistics shows that Valcea occupied ninth place in 2020. A year that was so uncertain for tourism, in what the number of tourists is concerned. Many of them choose a few days at Transalpina Ski Resort.
If you are a fan of the snow and the slope, this is the perfect place for you, too. 

Snow until the month of May

Transalpina Ski Resort is situated in the area of Vidra Lake. The fact that the peaks go beyond two thousand meters tall represents a great advantage. This is a reason for which you will find snow here even in the month of May.

At the bottom of the slope, the altitude is 1350 meters, and you can take a gondola from there. Besides all the advantages of the ski resort, we mustn’t forget about the magnificent landscape which will appear in front of you.

After the 2.9 km travelled by gondola, you will be able to observe Vidra Lake. The mountains it is surrounded by.
There, at the height of 1800 m, you will also discover a ski-lift which will take you up to 2000 m height on Bora Peak.

Seven slopes for all snow lovers – Transalpina Ski Resort

The Transalpina ski resort offers seven slopes suitable for beginners. But they are also perfect for those at an intermediate level. So, whether you are just beginning to discover the mysteries of skiing, or you are already an expert in this sport, this is the perfect decision for you.

You will not get bored

The fact that there are seven slopes at your disposal to choose from is already a reason to know there won’t be any time left to get bored. You can choose different tracks and go beyond your limits each time. However, for those of us who might get tired on the slope, the resort offers an area in which you can relax. Moreover, at the intermediary station, you will find a perfect place:

  • to discuss,
  • to sit down,
  • and especially to enjoy the beauty and surrounding landscapes. 

If you are a lover of winter sports and snow, then Ski Resort Transalpina is the best decision for a quiet holiday away from the stir of the workplace.