Transalpina, the highest road in Romania

Valcea has been the meeting place between people, roads and customs since ancient times. This is the place where historical monuments, wonderful landscapes and the highest road in the country stop: Transalpina. This is the connection between Transylvania and Oltenia, since the time of the Dacians and Romans. With such a historical load and such an antiquity, Transalpina must be visited and admired at least once by each of us.

The Romanian road, closest to the sky


Transalpina is without a doubt and perhaps the highest road in the country. With a maximum altitude of 2145 m, reached in Urdele pass, the road was consolidated in 1938 during the time of Charles II and since then it has been nicknamed “King’s Road”. Although less well known than Transfagarasan, Transalpina is much older and taller than this one. It offers some of the most spectacular scenery.

137 kilometers of route

Transalpina is a 137-kilometer road that you will cover, but without realizing it.
If you choose to cross the road you will be able to admire: high peaks of the mountains, the crystal clear water of the lakes and some monasteries that keep a warm atmosphere and full of emotion.
Among the best known of these elements are:

  • Lotru River,
  • Vidra Lake,
  • Papusa Peak
  • Oasa Monastery

Unknown beginnings of Transalpina

It is said that the road was built by the Roman armies heading towards Sarmisegetusa. But there is some evidence that it was built by the Germans during World War I for military purposes, but was rarely used.
Regardless of the variant that is actually true, the road manages to offer some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country. Once you have covered the entire route, you will definitely want to return.

Fabulous landscapes regardless of the season


It is already known about Transaplina that it is a road that has many beautiful images to offer. This happens constantly, regardless of the season in which you decide to go there.
Whether you choose spring, when you will be able to admire the nature and the vivid green of the grass and trees, or autumn, for a completely and completely special color, the landscapes are just as beautiful.
In winter, the towering mountains and snow will take your breath away, and in summer you will be able to admire the perfect blue sky.

Oasis of relaxation offered by Transaplina

First of all, you will admire the fabulous landscapes offered by Transaplina. Secondly, it is also a bridge between you and a state of perfect relaxation.
You will have the opportunity to breathe fresh mountain air and become for a few moments one with nature.
It is the perfect place for the moments when you want to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city.